Free Bakery Dramatic Play Printables for Kids

By Amy

Do you have a creative kid on your hands? Stretch their imagination with these free bakery dramatic play printables for kids!

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👩‍🍳 What is bakery dramatic play?

As a professional baker, I can't help but dream of the future bakers currently playing with plastic croissants and cupcakes. Those little play sessions can really help kids learn about themselves and their passions.

What is dramatic play? Well, it's basically the best and the richest type of pretend play. In bakery dramatic play, kids try on different roles like being a baker, cashier, or customer while practicing a bunch of important life skills, like:

  • Social skills (sharing, taking turns, waiting for others)
  • Math skills (telling prices, adding item costs, making change)
  • Literacy skills (reading signs, creating signs, completing order forms)
  • Fine motor skills (picking up & moving items, packaging items in boxes, handling money)

What's in this printable bakery pack

Below you'll find a sneak peek of all of the materials included in this free download.

How does it work? At the bottom of this post, you'll receive access to this free printable pack. You can then print all of the items and cut them out to set up your mini bakery!

🧁 Open & Closed Sign

A printable open sign with the text "Bakery Open" and a cupcake.
You may download and print at the bottom of this post.

Every shop owner needs a break sometimes! These colorful bakery open and closed signs will help your little learners decide when to open and close their pretend bakery shop.

🍰 Printable Baked Goodes

A page of printable pretend bakery desserts.
You may download and print at the bottom of this post.

Stock your shop with 4 pages of colorful baked goods! We recommend cutting these out and gluing them onto the front of toilet paper rolls that have been cut into fourths to make them stand up.

📋 Bakery Menu

A free printable bakery menu for pretend play with the text "sweet treats bakery menu" and an assortment of dessert categories with pricing.
You may download and print at the bottom of this post.

This will be the most commonly referenced item in your bakery dramatic play area! Be sure to display it somewhere easy for your bakers and customers to see.

🎂 Bakery Order Form

An image of a free printable bakery order form with an assortment of sweet treats with their names and prices.
You may download and print at the bottom of this post.

Don't forget your order forms! This is a great scaffold for younger kids because it shows which categories each baked good fits into and the price.

💵 Play Money

A page of colorful printable play with cupcakes on the bills.
You may download and print at the bottom of this post.

No bakery is complete without a way to take payment for those tasty treats! This digital download set even includes custom bakery cash.

You've seen all the designs; you can jump to the download links or keep reading for more tips.

A table with printed bakery dramatic play pages including play money, desserts, and an open sign plus some cupcake liners and a measuring spoon

✂️ Make the most of your bakery printables

Print multiple copies

It's common for people to buy a dozen doughnuts or a baker's dozen of cookies. Although your little one might not need 12 of every baked good, offer them at least a few images of their favorite treats.

You can even use your Cricut's "print then cut" feature to cut out your baked goods and save a little time!

Add some props

Little Tikes First Self-Checkout Stand Realistic Cash Register Pretend Play Toy for Kids , White
RISEBRITE Kids Baking Sets for Girls - 35 Pcs Gift Set Kids Baking Set for Kids Ages 10-12 Girls 9-12 Kids Baking Kit for Kids Ages 4-8 6-8 8-12 | Baking for Kids Real Kids Baking Supplies and Tools

This is a great opportunity to make a little cafe or kitchen area! Make a display area with serving trays to display all of the freshly baked items.

Consider adding a shopping cart, baking pans, cookie cutters, flour tins, bakery boxes, a toy cash register, and a menu board. Have fun with it!

Laminate your signs

Make your hard work last by laminating your signs and baked goods! Add the open and closed sign and menu board to page protectors or just run everything through a laminator (I use this at-home laminator).

Laminator A4, Laminator Machine 9 Inches with 30pcs Laminating Sheets Pouches, 70s Quick Warm-up Built in Paper Trimmer Corner Rounder, Personal Desktop Laminator for Home/Office/School/Christmas Gift

These bakery theme dramatic play supports are absolutely perfect for little ones who love cakes and cookies or to enhance a dramatic play area in your classroom!

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🖨️ Free Printables

Follow the directions below to easily download and print these freebies.

Bakery Dramatic Play Free Printables

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💛 Amy


  • Download the individual PDFs for each design page below to print then cut out by hand.
  • If you'd like to use Cricut's print-then-cut feature, download the png files of the printable desserts and play money. Upload them to Cricut Design space, make sure the background is erased, then save it as a Print-then-cut file. To fit it on your cutting mat, you will need to downsize the image file within Cricut Design Space to 6.75 inches tall before following its instructions to print then cut.
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